Monday, 16 June 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

Have I mentioned that it's been raining here? Actually, that would be an understatement. It has been raining here since February. Months ago , I kept thinking "ok, spring has to come sometime soon". But no, it has been one protracted Geneva winter warmed by maybe a few degrees.

We have had the odd glimpse of sun and then we pale, vitamin-D deprived souls raise our pasty faces to the sky and breathe a fleeting breath of sun-warmed air.

The rain-soaked fans at the Euro 2008 football tournament don't seem bothered. They still parade through downtown streets hooting and hollering, draped proudly in their nation's (damp) flags. J isn't bothered at all. In fact, rain makes for wonderful escargot collecting. 42 escargots in one afternoon is his current record.

But me? My hair is frizzy, my feet are cold and I have yet to water my outdoor plants. I have family arriving in 2 weeks for a beach vacation just south of Geneva.

The forecast for tomorrow? 16 degrees and rain...sigh.


Jen said...

Oh wow! And I thought Calgary was bad! This weekend was our first consecutive 2 days without rain in a month or so! Everything is green, which is nice, but Nate was starting to go a little stir crazy as it wasn't often warm enough to spend much time outside.

Sher said...

Hey - at least you broke up the winter with some skiing. My fever set in round about November. Bring on the sun!