Friday, 14 November 2008

Leaning Left in Switzerland

Um okay, moving to Switzerland required some shifting in grocery habits and I've been up to the challenge. I can walk by plucked chickens with their heads and feet still attached without making a face like a 6-year old. I have seen fois gras in every shape and size even if I can't eat it anymore out of personal oppositon to the method of gavage...but I digress.

Still, I think this find takes the cake. I found it in my local Migros grocery shop next to the apple juice. I've bought a couple as Christmas gifts for my teenage nephew and niece. Hope their parents and customs don't mind.

The details say "Iced Tea with Swiss Cannabis"..."Fantastic Natural Feeling". I'll bet!


Jen said...

too funny!

I imagine it is much healthier than the earliest versions of coca-cola, which featured a less organic stimulant......

Now, what will customs say?

David Walker said...

had some. didn't do anything for me!