Monday, 19 January 2009

Mrs. Grumpy-Pants

Our annual ski holiday is a mere 5 short days away but it can't come fast enough and then summer can't arrive fast enough. It's only January and I am already seriously sick of winter.

I think I bore up reasonably well in Calgary with day after day of -35 degree temperatures, even with a sinus infection. I was positively cheerful through Victoria's light rain and I was happy to see snow on the ground in Geneva upon our return even with C2's bronchial infection. Murphy and J have romped happily through the snow and ice as Geneva's temperatures dropped below the freezing mark for day after day after day. I donned multiple layers and watched my footing as my runs became somewhat lethal.

But now, we are entering the 21st day or so without so much as a glimpse of sun in the city. I have a sore throat, no ricolas in the house, I am watching the rain rattle against my office windows, and I just found out one of my dearest friends in Geneva is moving to the U.S.

I am officially grumpy.


Jen said...

Oh Chris, I'm sorry to read this! The weather here is positively amazing, and it reminds me of what Geneva was like when we were there! I hope the sun comes back soon to lift your spirts and that you have a wonderful ski vacation.


ps Is Carl better?

Mighty Mom said...

On the upside, you now have your own personal source for U.S. exports. Ah, the land of free shipping. Gotta laugh or cry. I've made my choice. Four more days before you change grumpy-pants for ski-pants, babe!!!

DL NELSON said...

I am as bummed as you are about the move (see my blog on it As a long-time resident it happens with transients and the battle is whether to get involved and lose them or not to get involve and lose the experience of knowing some great people. I always say Geneva, Geneve, Genf,gray, grey, gris, grau are all G words and it isn't an accident.

Sher said...

Man - I am ditching my fake winter love pronto if the ski queen is acting this way. What's the point in pretendin - winter sucks. We all know it.

Jawahara Saidullah said...

Oh Mrs. Grumpy Pants I share your pain. Winter needs to go away for a while.