Sunday, 6 December 2009

Things you Definitely Don't See in Canada in December

I took Murphy for a walk this evening after dinner. She needed to stretch her legs I told C2 and J, and I fancied enjoying the Christmas decorations adorning our Swiss village on a quiet, warm early December night.

We wandered through our village's square, past the giant Christmas tree decorated by the little kids from our village jardin d'enfants (pre-school), and through the orchard of trees dripping with icicle lights and shooting stars. We ambled down the main street, and paused in front of the Auberge Cheval Blanc (aka 'the lovely place to eat' as J has dubbed it) to admire the candles softly glowing through the windows and the pretty tree shining on the terrace.

Then I realized that I wasn't alone. Less than a foot away from me, Mario the chef, was quietly plucking olives from the tree growing in the restaurant's garden behind a low stone wall separating the Auberge from the street. We exchanged polite "bonsoirs", he offered me an olive which I accepted with thanks, and then I carried on as if this was something a Canadian girl experienced regularly. He didn't hear me chuckle in amazement.


Anonymous said...

Stop. Please stop. You're making me insanely jealous. Your descriptions are so vivid, I can imagine the scene like I'm there taking it all in. Please stop :)))


Jen said...

Captain, I am SOOO with you on this.....

Chris, you are truly evil. Check out the Herald's website for photos of our lovely little storm this past weekend.

Sigh. Olives. Sigh.

Sheila said...

Love it, love it, love it!!!