Friday, 4 June 2010

Voices From The Back

Scene: In my car on the way to judo yesterday. Sitting in the back seat are J and his best mate, and fellow Canadian, Adam...

J: "You know Adam, today at lunch Alyssa told me 'je tu promis, c'est toi qui est mon amoureux'(translation: "I promise, it's you that I love")

Adam: "Well she told me this week 'c'est un secret, mais c'est toi qui est mon amoureux', so I don't think that you're supposed to know"

J: "I'm telling you I'm her AMOUREUX"



J: "I know maybe we're both her amoureux"

Adam: "Ya!"

J: (With a mild note of panic in his voice) "What if someone else is her amoureux???"

Later in the day back in the privacy of his own home...

Adam: "Mom is J moving away soon"

Cindy: "Not that I know of but maybe someday"

Adam: "Well at least I won't have to share Alyssa anymore"

Sheesh, they're 7, imagine when they're 17!!

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Mighty Mom said...

OMG, that's ADORABLE and so blog-worthy! Thanks for sharing.