Monday, 15 November 2010

Long Time No Talk but Much to Tell

I really need to get back to blogging more regularly.  I am out of practice, rusty, pre-occupied and other-wise distracted.  Why you ask?  Well, for those of you not part of my Facebook world, Swiss Family Hendricks is moving...and for added Australia.

Ok, first things first.  What in the heck am I going to rename my blog???  I need help and suggestions.  Hendricks Down Under?, Kangaroo Hendricks?, bah too pithy, I need something a little more clever.  So throw your ideas my way.

I must confess when the word first came down, I didn't deal so well.  The two reasons I had been opposed started with my aging beloved dog Murphy and ended with my aging beloved mum in Alberta, a long way from Melbourne.  However, with the benefit of some perspective, and a house-finding, school-finding trip in October to Melbourne, I am reminded that with the beauty of rapid air travel, the world is indeed a shrinking place.  Also, did you know that there are International Pet Relocation Companies? And for the price of a second-hand car, they will do their darndest to get Murphy successfully to Australia and through 30 days of quarantine.

So not to bore you with the minutia of details invested in a move of this magnitude, let me summarize our current state.  We have rented a house in Malvern East, a leafy south-east Melbourne suburb, and a few minutes drive to J's new school, l'Ecole Francaise de Melbourne.  That was a VERY big deal, J sat on the EFM's wait list for a couple of months, but a bagful of Swiss chocolate and many many pleading phone calls, and personal visits later, he's in!  Poor C2, however, faces a brutal and long commute to north Melbourne.  He hasn't commuted more than 15 minutes in his entire life.  Still, in general, this part is all good.

The icky part, however, is the exit from our house in Geneva, with all the fun that is wrapped up in a system that gives all rights to the owner and virtually none to the renter.  Suffice it to say, it will cost us the price of another second-hand car to vacate this property in a state that will satisfy our impossible owners.  Then there is the selling of two cars, outdoor play equipment, excess furniture, electronics.  C2 straddling two stressful jobs and travelling during 2.5 weeks of our remaining 4 weeks here.

The even ickier part, of course, are the good-byes.  Ick Ick double Ick!  I have already bid farewell to dear friends who have moved on with their own lives (Melissa, Jawahara, Elin, Lavi) but still had the comfort of remaining meaningful friends.  Leaving my remarkable writers group, Katie, Sher, Tima, Sharon, Paula, and Moyette (Jawahara relocated to Boston last week); my book group, Kathy, Kathy, Helen, Barbara, Barbara, and Lula; my fantabulous neighbours, Ioli, Marlys, and Amelia; my dog walking posse; and my only remaining fellow expat soulmates, Nat and Cindy will be wrenching.  The ripping out of tender roots hurts.  Extremely difficult will be the renewed physical separation between Sheila and I and our very-attached children; so used are we to the quick journey between Geneva and London.

I am torn between the wanderlust inside of me, and the desire for a moment of permanence.  Still as long as I have my immediate family beside me, my Canadian family supporting me, and my far-flung network of friends and fellow wanderers to talk to,  I hope all will be good in my world.


DL NELSON said...

The problem with Geneva is that people come and go. Some decide not to make friends with transients because parting hurts too much. Others embrace new friendships and celebrate the times together. I prefer the later.

Saying that, however, I am still pissed off about Mighty Mom.

Anonymous said...

You will take it all in your stride. Make sure you look up my friend. The Puplinge posse is no more...


Sheila said...

Hmmmm... let's just say that I'm so looking forward to our time in Paris but cannot guarantee no tears. My kids are very jealous, melancholy, and a bit mad that you and I are going to meet without them and Jack. Feel kinda bad for them...Better start saving, huh? See you Friday! Sx

Jen said...

Oh how I can identify, at least in spirit. The conflict over having new experiences and exploring new places vs putting down roots and having continuity and security in life..... I know that in the end, this new chapter will go well for you but I do not envy the process you are going through to get to it.

Sending hugs to all of you, including C2 :)

Mighty Mom said...

He's in!!! Awesome!!! I know it isn't easy. Conflicted is a messy emotion. Call me! Home tomorrow if you can swing it. BIG HUGS.

Jawahara Saidullah said...

Seriously, in that little instant of almost-awake time this morning...I thought "I should see if C wants to meet for coffee this afternoon." Then real life came flooding in. No matter how hard this move has been (in huge part because of not living down the road from you any more) I agree with DL...Puplinge was wonderful. And Melbourne will be wonderful too. New adventures for the Hendricks clan. Hoppin' Hendricks in Melbourne? ;-)