Friday, 18 February 2011

End of Week 3

It's Friday night and we've just finished dinner.  A roast chicken bought from the free-range organic chicken vendor on our high street and roquette salad.  Outside at dusk, to the scent of mandarin-cranberry candles on the dinner table, we chased possums through the trees with flashlights, then threw our heads back to witness a lengthy flight of fruit bats or flying foxes soaring overhead.  Flying foxes are an impressive species.  According to Wikipedia, "On average, P. vampyrus is the largest species, with a wingspan of up to 6 feet (1.83 meters) but a weight of only 1.5 kg (3.3 lb.).

J had a rough week at school, his second full week morphed from his first week marred by bullying from the same boy he had initially befriended during his first few days of friend seeking.  To his credit, he recognized and acknowledged our initial trepidation of that child and sought out the boy's mother to complain of his treatment.  It didn't stop the bullying and by the middle of this week, I had to formally complain to his teachers.  Not a great way to start a new school and there were many tearful days this week.

However, today, seemed a turning point.  Today, he marched into school without tears triumphantly grasping his first birthday party invitation; always a measure of a child's acceptance amongst his peers.  I exchanged dinner invitations with the first family who extended immediate kindness to us in the school yard, a French-Australian couple by the name of Marco and Marie-Pierre whose 6-year old daughter Amely is in the same CEP/CE1 class as J.  

It was another very hot day today, hitting 35c in the parking lot of the quarantine kennel.  Murphy was not dealing well with the heat.  I found her subdued and a little gurgly today.  That is concerning since the facility is dealing with an outbreak of kennel cough.  I took her to a grooming room for a good brushing and she was clearly desperate for a walk.  Poor girl, she is confined to her kennel and away from the exercise yards due to the kennel cough issue.  I left her this afternoon unusually passive and not her usual self.  Not a great way to spend 4 days apart, sigh.  Still, one of the principal attendants, checked on her twice today owing to my concern and promised to check on her regularly over the weekend.  Hopefully, it is just a heat thing, and a forecasted cooler weekend should help.  At 12 years old and confined to a kennel, I fret over her physical and mental health. Thunderstorms are also predicted which she hates, and I abhor the idea of her enduring them alone.

16 days and counting...


Sheila said...

Having heard all this first hand this morning (my time)it was still nice to see the written word. There will be good times and not so good times in the early stages as you find your are all doing brilliantly!
Good to Sype and see you...
Lots of love,

Jen said...

oh I hate that Jack had to deal with a bully so soon, but so glad it appears to be resolved.

My parents dog is dealing with kennel cough and I hope Murphy avoids it. I understand your anxiety at leaving her, but the day of her freedom will come soon!

Thanks for the lovely descriptions of the flora and fauna :)


Melissa Miller said...

Ugh, the dreaded bully. We had to deal with the same subject this week with Mouse. She's had the same boy in her class since kindergarten. I think he 'likes' her and pokes fun as a twisted attempt to interact. Not surprising, she still hates boys, J and Hector being the only exceptions.
We had a big thaw. Honey's been eating too many rabbit droppings. She's not feeling too well, either. 12 days now for Murphy?

M said...

ARGH! I am sending J, R and j down there immediately to 'handle' the bully situation. Tell Jack, Titi is coming too-just to make sure they do the job right! OK I FEEL BETTER NOW. Bullies make me so angry. Jack makes me so protective-not a good combo. But to Jack's credit, he seems to have a handle on it.
Oh the trials...chin up. Both Murphy and Jack will overcome these obstacles.
Kisses and hugs,