Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Moment

There we were all curled up in J's newly decorated Australian bedroom.  Stories were finished, songs were sung,  Little Murphy was being hugged to his chest.  It was those last few sweet innocent moments before sleep drooped his wee eyelids.  He looked at me all drowsy and adorable:

J: "Mummy what was your favorite toy as a little kid and as a grownup"

Me: "Hmm, probably the little plastic German Shepard I took everywhere since I wanted a real oneAnd as a grownup, ummmm, maybe my iPod Touch"

J: "My favorite toy is Little Murphy"

Me walking out of the room: "I know"  Reveling in the beauty of his childhood innocence, I am now out the door.

From his bed, I hear muttered wickedly.

J: "But my favorite toy when I'm grown up will be my credit card!"

He is his Grandmother's boy!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should get him a dirt bike :)))


C. said...

hahahahahahaahahahah - from J to Captain

Jawahara said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! How precious they are... Can't wait until my little Beatrice starts talking.

Lyne Marie

M said...

Apples and trees.......