Monday, 22 August 2011

I Love Love Love Neil Young - Who Knew?

My husband is a wirehead.  And I am forever thankful that he is!  I like to think that I am technically savvy, I mean, I use a MacBook, I try to remember to back it up regularly onto an external harddrive, I know how to navigate my remote control to access cable tv, Apple tv, Netflix, and can update my iPod but honestly that's about the breadth of my technical know-how.

C2, on the other hand, is always on the bleeding edge of everything.  I guess it helps that he engineers some of the most forward-thrusting technology in the resource sector but does that necessarily translate to the comforts of home?  I mean, my dad, bless his heart, was a senior electrical engineer with Hydro Quebec for years but never did our toilet flush properly or the entry door close without some jerry-rigged solution.

Meanwhile, our little Australian house is uber-wired.  We watch Madmen via iTunes on our iPad in bed, watch Harry Potter wirelessly from iTunes through our Apple tv onto our bigscreen tv, and Seinfeld and Saturday Night Live reruns courtesy of Netflix either on our iPad or our tv from our Apple tv.  For the most part, it all works beautifully, just don't ask me how, but C2 knows!

A couple of years ago, we bought a Bose docking station for our iPod to compensate for our stereo which didn't work so well in Switzerland thanks to differing frequency...something about a 50hz cycle C2 informed me.  Anyhow, the Bose allowed us to access our collection of CDs on our iPods with fantastic sound and fidelity.

But, frankly, all of this pales in comparison to the best thing C2 has introduced to our home entertainment suite EVER; a little app called Pandora.  Imagine creating a genius playlist based on a favorite song from your own iPod's musical library, but now imagine instead a genius playlist based on a favorite song from almost ALL music in the known universe.  Pandora allows us to legally access this music and therefore has offered us far-reaching exposure to amazing music that we might not otherwise have heard, invested in, or benefited from.

Now, I must admit, I love my Canadian music, nothing makes me happier than singing mightily along to Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, K.D. Lang, Tom Cochrane, Blue Rodeo, Jann Arden, Alanis Morissette, but I admit sheepishly, I've never been much of a Neil Young fan.  I had minimal knowledge of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, and pretty much nothing outside of "Heart of Gold".  It all seemed kind of like 'boys drinking beer and toking in front of a bonfire' kind of music.

Well no more, my friend, thanks to Pandora, I have discovered the brilliance, the complexity, the story-weaving of "Ohio", "Long May You Run", "Old Man", "Helpless", "Southern Man", and "Only Love Can Break Your Heart".  Add in a little CSN&Y's "Just a Song Before I Go", and "Woodstock", and holy cow, have I been missing out on some fantastic music for the last 40-something years.

Now if you'll excuse me, C2 and I are about to watch Scorcese's "The Last Waltz" which we just found on iTunes.  By the way can anyone recommend any other artists about whom they are passionate, and no, Jeff, I don't mean Metallica!


Jen said...

lol, thanks for the giggle!

Honestly, our tastes are pretty pedestrian right LOVE black eyed peas and lady gaga, I like rhianna although she's a bit overthe top, and eminem....

now to google pandora...

Jen said...

ok, first, forgot to mention that we too like Neil young...saw him here in Calgary years ago.

Second, I tried Pandora but apparently it isn't available outside of the USofA due to licensing issues?

Elizabeth said...

Interesting - my very Swiss German husband is a Neil Young FANATIC. He literally has an encyclopedic knowledge of the man. I've always liked and admired Young, and I'm not sure whether you know about his philanthropic activities for the disabled (he and his wife run a very famous school in northern CA). He has two sons with cerebral palsy and is an epileptic himself. More reasons to love him!

Mama B said...

Please let us know the secret to watching Netflix where it isn't yet available (Switzerland) because we miss it so. Is there a magic unlock code your C2 is in on? I think they are coming our way next year, but in the meantime: how do you do it in Australia?
P.S. I love Neil Young too.

DL NELSON said...

I know they are francophone Canadian, but I'm in love with Garou. Isabel Boulay, Bruno Pelletier are wonderful also. And Cohen, well, there is none greater.

I also have thought if I ever considered remarrying he would have to have the technical talents that your husband posses.

David Walker said...

i was a HUGE fan of pandora in the US (plus subscriber). but upon my return to CH, i discovered that pandora doesn't have rights in CH. bummer - it's the best online music experience IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm slightly embarrassed. I was pretty proud of being tech-savvy. Until I read this blog that is. I thought "there's no way she's a step ahead of me on this"....Well, I sit here at my MacBook Air eating crow. Pandora is AWESOME!

Thanks for the tip :))