Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas at 29c

I am struggling with getting my head wrapped around December's temperatures down under.   If the word 'December' is referenced in passing, I immediately envision snow covered Christmas trees, hot cocoa, and red cheeks.   Problem is, in Australia in December, red cheeks only happen if I've forgotten the sunscreen.
Choosing a Christmas tree in shorts and bright sun at the park near our house
Blame it on 40-something years of conditioning.  December.equals.Winter.  With Christmas fast approaching, people keep asking what we are doing for the summer holidays and I keep replying that I haven't thought that far ahead even as I stand under a Jacaranda tree seeking shade from the blistering sun.  I tell you, it's playing havoc with my mental equalibrium, and packing ski clothes for our trip to Canada in a couple of days is not helping with my disorientation.

The kids table
This past weekend, we had a small dinner party to celebrate the festive season with friends.  It's a Family Hendricks tradition.  A couple of weeks before the big day, we cook up a storm, pour many glasses of champagne, and unwrap the gift of friendship.  In Geneva, we had it just right, the same families every year until one by one they moved on.  That's the thing about being expats, friends enter our lives for a season and become the extended family we're missing.

This year's menu:
Seared tuna with mango, avocado, and wasabi
Australia's Chandon Blanc de Blanc
Filet mignon au jus with roasted rosemary potatoes, panzanella, and roquette salad
White Box Cabernet Sauvignon
McLaren Vale Shiraz
(both fantastic full-bodied Australian reds)
Individual chocolate molten cakes with coffee gelato

The Grown-Up table
The kids craft - making reindeer food

 Now, we are mentally gearing up for the long haul  flight back to Canada where we will spend a month in the embrace of family, reminding ourselves how lucky we are to have each other, and replanting those Canadian roots a little.  Two weeks in Victoria, one skiing at Whistler and one in Calgary.  I can't wait!  First stop after we stretch our legs following the 30-hour journey?  Tim Horton's for an extra hot double double!


Jen said...

looks like it was fun! When I was in Australia at Christmas we had roast turkey and pavlova :)

Can't wait to see you and J ...perhaps you could fit C2 into you suitcase????

Have a blast in Victoria :)

Melissa Miller said...

Oh my, how I long for my molten chocolate cake with coffee ice cream. You've made me Hendricks-sick. What, no cran-tinis?
Looking forward to Skyping over the holidays,
the Millers

Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage. Have a ball.


DL NELSON said...

Made me hungry just to read the menu, and after growing up in New England, a Christmas in Florida felt very, very weird.

If you were in Geneva now, there would be no snow, but the wind is blowing up to 100kph in the Jura.