Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Random Things on my Mind

1.  Growing dismay and dread over the direction the U.S. is taking, witness:
(a) the contraception hearings, Susan Fluke, and the growing erosion by MEN of women's reproductive rights and freedoms;
(b) Trayvon Martin and the mindboggling "stand your ground law";
(c) the Republican nomination race: Romney's etch-a-sketchiness, Santorum's fanatacism, Limbaugh's lunacy;
(d) 17% or nearly 50 million Americans do not have health insurance.  That number is 27% in Texas;
(e) The acceptance by so many that this is all good.

2.  Finished Season 1 of Homeland - loved Claire Danes...have always loved Damian Lewis

3.  Gratitude for the health of my son

4.  Missing old friends

5. Rediscovering my 30-something self with full-on, gnarly, exhausting yet exhilerating mountain-biking outside of Melbourne with my husband and son.  The only wild things we see are Kangaroos and Echidnas where my 30-something self was always on the lookout for Bears or Cougars.

6. Gratitude for the health of my mother who has just made her second trip in seven months to visit with us in  Australia.  Melbourne is a long way from her happy home in Calgary.

7.  Gratitude for all the laundry my mother does while she's visiting

8. Gratitude for the love my son has for all of his family near and far

9.  Horror at Mohamed Merah, Robert Bales, and George Zimmerman

10. Delight at our new The Atlantic digital and paper subscriptions

11. Wishing my son's hardwriting looked a little less like a caveman's random scrawls

12. Wishing my son's French teacher hadn't sent home a note admonishing said son for farting repeatedly in class.  Wishing I could somehow explain to the teacher the impact of large bowls of home-made lentil soup.


Jen said...

I 'like' your random thoughts, although some are about some definitely disturbing issues. Some acquaintances of mine in the States and I share outraged emails over the latest antics of the Republicans, although antics makes it sound funny.
I can identify with your worries.

I very much like the positives, and so wish that I could share the gnarly mountain biking as I am desperate to get back into that frame of mind as well.

I'm so glad for Jack that he's Jack and that you have him, and I'm so glad that your mom is able to visit you and be such a great participant in your adventures.

sending wishes to the universe that the Republicans get swallowed up by a black hole and don't ever make it back out.


DL NELSON said...

Loved your random thoughts and be grateful where you are. Your mom is quite a lady and you've been blessed with much including life in a relatively sane country.
Enjoy it all.

Sheila Cook said...

Although I didn't know half of what you said (scarily ignorant of US politics now) I hear and feel your passion for what is right and good.
As for the teacher's note about Jack's farting - ha ha ha ha ha! Go Jack, Go Jack, Go Jack!