Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas 2013 in Pictures

We've been in Canada almost two weeks now.  In that time, we spent 6 days in Whistler spending quality time together just the three of us.   We skiied everyday, soaked in the hotel hot tub overlooking the slopes, and wandered the chilly but charming village at night; in and out of the shops and enjoying the Christmas lights.  It was a peaceful time with terrific skiing and lots of fun.  The only downer was my brutal case of boot bang - stupid rental ski boots.  Next ski trip, I will only travel with my own boots.

We travelled to Vancouver in a blizzard but fortunately were only slightly delayed on our 12, yes, 12-minute flight to Victoria.  It's been great to be back.  We've done all that we hoped: spent time together all 8 of us, hiked Mount Doug, drank coffee and candy cane hot chocolate at Tim Horton's, J has played with the cats for hours, we've watched back-to-back episodes of "Breaking Bad" (again), wandered the city streets, and watched the sun set over Victoria's harbour. 

Hiking our much-loved Mount Doug

Then the Christmas tree fell down, we shorted the power in the house, and Marge got the flu, but Christmas was still celebrated with much love.  Our traditional reveillon was passed with the family and friends on Christmas Eve whilst following Santa on the Norad Santa Tracker.  Christmas morning dawned early with J and Marge filling the house with candles and Christmas music before rousing the rest of 7:00am.

The rest of the day was spent quietly, some of us hiked, some of us cooked, glasses were clinked, and more memories made, especially for J.

The formal 2013 family portrait

Our preferred 2013 family portrait

Being silly

Big J and Little J

J and his cousin Renee

Victoria Harbour

Inside Victoria's Empress Hotel

Victoria's floating fisherman's village


Sheila Cook said...

Hey - I'm the first to comment - how exciting... Once again - you look and sound like you had an extraordinary trip to Canada - you are indeed a very lucky person to have such a wonderful family. Skype soon Xxxx

Renee said...

MISS YOU! SOOOOOO MUCH. It was a wonderful, warm and fuzzy kind of Christmas. We were all reminded of how precious our time on this earth is and how lucky we are to have one another. Amen to that sista! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Did I mention, I miss you?!

Renee said...

Why did my comment come under Renees name?