Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bruce and Me

It's no secret that I harbour a passion nay a near-obsession with Bruce Springsteen.  I know his struggles, his histories, and his poetry.  He is a troubador who sings straight to my heart.  Always has.  I love how he tells a story with every record, commercial success be-damned.  Every word, every note, every melody speaks to me; I get him.

I never, however, had the pleasure of seeing him and the incomparable E-Street Band live; not ever.  Somehow the planets just never aligned.  But is has happened now; twice in 8 months in Melbourne.  Last May's event began for me with a shortness of breath in anticipation and I think I only remembered to breathe 3 and a half hours later.  That concert resonated with me for days.

Bruce returned to Melbourne this month and I was first in line with fingers over the SUBMIT button the moment tickets went on sale.  Oh man, the concert this past weekend...

I can only describe it as the closest thing to an ecstatic religious experience that I suspect I will ever have.  I sang every word, swayed to every beat, hollered till I was hoarse, wished for more.  Another 3 and a half hours of pure musical joy, stories sung, emotions wrung; every moment was pure magic.

Here are a couple clips of the two songs that bring me to my knees (or dancing on my seat):

"Ghost of Tom Joad" with newest E-Street Band member, the completely brilliant Tom Morello - together absolute musical genius

Rosalita - best Springsteen EVER and with the Big Man, Clarence Clemens, circa 1988 really does Rock and Roll get any purer?


Expatriate Tax Services said...

Couldn't agree more on your pick of best Springsteen song.

Sheila Cook said...

Total rock chick!! Sounds like it was awsome xx