Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Two Weeks and Three Days

We're in the final stretch.  Moving is a different experience this time.  When we left Geneva, we had 4 months of planning and frankly, it was excruciating.  C2 and I ultimately dubbed it 'the Long Goodbye'.  When I look back at the pictures of us when we finally extracted ourselves back to Canada for the Christmas break before shifting to Australia, we are grey and skinny.  From prolonged farewells, from the lessors-from-hell, from being too long in the moment.

This time around, we have a spreadsheet, we are dividing and conquering, and we're jamming it and all of the farewells into a short 4 weeks.  Whilst it is exceedingly painful to say goodbye again, for our roots have run deep, the goodbyes are accompanied by "come and visit us" and friends actually can.  We are moving 3,000km away not 14,000km.  In Geneva,  J and I used to visit with Sheila and her kids in London every school holiday; we can actually do the same from Perth to Melbourne...well maybe every OTHER school holiday.  Point is, we're still moving within the same country, and we're taking a lot of comfort from that.

Murphy is enjoying her giant kennel in the middle of our living room so it's safe to say that she's used to it again; I am hoping that the flight will remind her that she's done it successfully and longer three times before.  Again watch this space.

We are moving into temporary accommodations in Melbourne next Monday, near Chapel St. - silver linings - as it is an awesome part of Melbourne - and one with which we are very familiar.  We will do our best to take advantage of the location, though dinners with friends are planned most nights.

J is officially withdrawn from his wonderful bilingual Melbourne school; I already miss it and our wonderful Franco-Australian community.  It felt like our transfer was  not real until I formally submitted his withdrawal, well I guess it's real now.

However, before this move is done and dusted, C2 heads to Perth for a week while at the same time J heads to Canberra with school for a week.  That A WEEK.  I don't think I've experienced that in almost 11 years!   I'll be working much of that time; as for the rest, well I guess I'll be counting my blessings for all that I have...with popcorn and Netflix.


Jen said...

Just popped in to confirm what your timing is, and voila! Can't imagine how busy you are but I can understand that it is preferred to the long farewell. Sending hugs!

Audrey Williams said...

Good Luck Chris as you entounter another "farewell until we meet again" experience.
You will be able to say "We have friends from aroune the world"
and so you have!!
Happy landing

DL NELSON said...

As you say good bye remember that the friends you are leaving weren't people you knew when you moved from Geneva. It's a chance to make more friends.