Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sunday Morning Pina Coladas

This Sunday morning just seemed to say "Pina Coladas".  Maybe it's been the spectacular weather we've been having, the Frangiapani and Hibiscus still blooming wildly in this unusually warm Perth Fall.  Or maybe it's the plethora of tropical fruits available in this part of the world.  Whatever the reason, this morning just seemed right for a Pina Colada (virgin 'course).

We started by hacking into a young green coconut.  J's has been drinking them frequently.  We have an outdoor method now following several early efforts resulting in woody coconut bits flying everywhere.  Next pour the coconut milk into a jug before scooping out the ripe flesh.

Next mash the flesh with some of the coconut milk and unsweetened pineapple juice.

Finally, blend with the rest of the coconut milk, more unsweetened pineapple juice, a Western Australia banana (tiny and super sweet), passionfruit yogurt, and ice (the lego-shaped pieces work particularly well).

Add straws, sit in the sun, and dream of summer.

Yep, that's how we roll in Western Australia.


Sheila Cook said...

Yes please - make mine a large one (and preferably not virgin!)

Audrey said...

What a life and here we are still having unusually cool weather. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

I want one…right now. The pictures are gorgeous as are you guys.


Jen said...

I'd like mine served beachside please :)