Sunday, 11 May 2014

Calgary in the Tropics

is what we've been calling Perth ever since relocating to Western Australia.  We have observed for the three or so years that we've lived in Australia that Canadians and Australians are very similar.  Same dry sense of humour, self-deprecating, don't take ourselves particularly seriously, real news programming, limited filter and not afraid to call the ridiculous what it is.

However, now we have further observed that Perth and Melbourne are as different as say Calgary and Montreal.  Come to think of it Melbourne is Montreal.  Stately, elegant, great architecture, killer fashion sense but I never knew my Melbourne neighbours (excepting one: hi Robyn!).

Perth is Calgary.  G'day from everyone you pass in the street, chatty staff in all the shops, great architecture somewhat lacking, killer outdoor activities.  Trade the Alberta Rockies for the Indian Ocean and you would swear you were in the same place, except with Frangiapanis....and Banana Trees....and beaches...and no snow or freezing temperatures.  You get the picture.

It's been a nice weekend, pretty perfect actually.  J had a mate over on Saturday and we all trouped to the doggie beach at the end of our road (because they have beaches at the end of your roads in Perth!).  Murphy was in heaven.  We did observe several washed-up Man O'War Blue Bottle jellyfish on the beach probably a result of some crazy wind a few days ago.  Want to know more about Man O'War Blue Bottle jellyfish - they're a little scary, just click anywhere on this coloured link.  Awesome!  Can't wait for summer.  That'll be me, the crazy girl in the stinger suit inside a shark cage right near shore.

Anyhoo, jellyfish and sharks aside, we had our neighbours for dinner last night which concluded with a dessert I stole borrowed from my great friend Kerry - Chocolate Chili Ice Cream cake.  It is killer! and I have a Mother's Day date with the rest of it tonight.

This Mother's Day morning, however, I was greeted with coffee, freshly-squeezed O.J., a card, and the latest edition of Australia's Better Homes and Gardens magazines in bed followed by an HOUR of reading my myself!!!  I vetoed breakfast in bed since I hate sleeping amongst crumbs.  Breakfast was outside (because you can have breakfast outside in the Fall in Calgary-in-the-Tropics!).

The day was followed by a couple of hours of all of us reading our books, a Skype session with Kerry and the gang, and a Bikram Yoga class - doesn't get much better.  I am very blessed.


Jen said...

Happy Mothers Day friend!

Audrey said...

Happy Mother'sDay Chris: So happy you are enjoying Perth.Sounds like a great place