Monday, 14 January 2008

By George, he finally got it!

J and I went skiing yesterday with our great friends and fellow Canadians, the Mxxx's. Their daughters, Emma the Brave and Mighty Mouse are J's 2 best friends. Now, you know the saying "you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink?".

Well J is as stubborn an equine as was ever born. We've been skiing with him for over a year, and he is always so excited to get equipped, to get up early, to drive to the mountains, and loves the tele-cabines, tele-sieges, and tele-skis. What he doesn't like is to actually ski.

For a year now, we have coerced, cajoled, threatened, begged, enrolled him in ski school and private lessons and generally exhausted every technique designed to get that boy down the hill. Until yesterday, he steadfastly refused to descend by any means except between our legs.

Well yesterday on a glorious day on a glorious mountain, a glorious thing happened. J figured it out and then there was no stopping him. Even a fatigue-induced meltdown of near epic proportion at the end of the day couldn't put a damper on this monumental day of accomplishment. Enjoy the video of this stellar moment in time, Kirk is filming...that's me skiing beside J in the red jacket.

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Jen said...


Its great to see Jack skiing! How wonderful! Maybe he'll need to teach Nate next year?

This time last year we were preparing for our trip out to see you....we miss you guys and Geneva, and your blog really takes me back. keep posting!

Jen, Jeff & Nate