Saturday, 12 January 2008

Human Kindness still exists (in Geneva anyway)

It was a rainy Saturday today, and with C2 winging his way to Dubai, I decided to take J to our favorite Italian restaurant downtown for lunch. We wrangled our way though the busy streets and failing to find street parking finally parked in a large underground lot.

I was about 3 bites into my Rucola Margarita pizza when my heart stopped as I realized I had left my wallet in my home office while paying a bill that morning. Feeling like an idiot, I immediately beckoned the attention of one of the managers who was very busy with the teeming noonday crowd. I explained the problem, and he presented me with a huge smile and a ' mais ce n'est pas grave madam'...don't worry madame, it's not serious, pay the next time you come. Huh? I have lived most of my life in big cities and was quite prepared to leave J as collateral in order to run home and retrieve my wallet.

We finished our lunch and an hour or so later, I geared myself up to explain our situation to the large impersonal parking lot attendant. However, he too, smiled broadly and wished me a good day as he handed me a complimentary parking pass. Huh?

I admired the beauty of Mont Blanc and the French Alps which were peaking out of the clouds and into the sun on our drive home, all the while trying to explain to J the meaning of karma, paying it forward, and the importance of kindness. It was a good day!

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Melissa said...

If you were at my table I definitely would have insisted you leave the kid. He's awfully cute!
Love the blog!