Friday, 13 February 2009

London Calling

Coincident with the sadness of witnessing the inevitability of an expatriate friend relocating to the USA, has been the joy of being a mere one-hour flight to my oldest and still-dearest friend, Sheila. J and I returned a couple of days ago from one of our regular jaunts to jolly old London.

A one-hour flight or 10-hour drive to London might seem far to some but when you have spent the last almost 20 years half a world away, our proximity has been a blessing for the last three years that we have been in Geneva.

Friendships are a funny thing, some wax, some wane, and some even run out of steam. My intercontinental friendship with Sheila has certainly been tested by time, distance, and seat sales. However, with the exception of a little high school drama, our friendship has buoyed and sustained me for years.

Watching our children develop a bond now has been profound. They play together like old friends, as familiar with the stretches between playdates as their mothers. They are beginning to share memories and common inside jokes.

It may be inevitable that we will have to answer the call to venture elsewhere leaving this grand place, and the wanderlust in me doesn't hate the idea, but having gotten used to reconnecting with Sheila every couple of months, I do hate the idea of increasing the space between us again. "Tant pis" oh well as they say in Swiss-Romande, at least now we have e-mail, SMS and Facebook, and until the inevitable, we still have EasyJet.

Take me to the nearest pub or perish!

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DL NELSON said...

I've a friend since I was 16 which is half a decade. She has walked in my heart and soul and although we are separated by not just an ocean but a continent, it hasn't diminished the closeness. We are the lucky ones who hold these people in our hearts.

Sheila said...

of course it brought tears to my eyes...Thank you, my Chrissy. I don't know what I'd do without you - especially this last week. My feelings are the same but I don't share your "wanderlust" for you to venture elsewhere!

We are very fortunate to have this friendship and until the nasty deed happens I intend to see each other as often as possible. I better book those flights in May!...XX