Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Nothing Says Valentine's Day like Chocolate-covered Tomatos

I was luxuriating in a few extra minutes of sleep this morning, it being Wednesday and, therefore, no school in Swiss-Romande when I heard out of one ear, J scamper downstairs. Angus was purring on my chest, and Murphy snoring at my side, when I roused, shooed them off of the bed and made my way to the kitchen in search of my first coffee of the day.

What greeted me in the kitchen was the sight of J fully engrossed in making a treat for a friend due later that day. He was dipping the last cherry tomato into a stainless steel bowl of melted white chocolate (it was good of him to remember his chum only liked white chocolate) and then carefully placed it on a tray equally carefully lined with parchment paper to harden.

My mouth fell open...

Me: "Uh uh, what are you doing"

J: "We didn't have any strawberries like we made on the weekend so I made tomatos. It's a Valentine's Day treat for Spencer"

Me: "Uh uh, how did you melt the chocolate"

J: "On the stove over hot water, I turned the stove back off but I can't get the little red light to go off"

Me: "Uh uh"

J: "And look I started scrambled eggs too and cut up an apple, but I'm being careful with this pokey knife"

Did I mention he's 5? Mighty Mom, what does it say in your parenting manual about this one?


Jawahara said...

Lol! I can totally see him doing this. Yummy....chocolate covered tomatos.

Sher said...

So this is where you nurture him to start serving you breakfast in bed every weekend.

Jen said...

OMG! Jack jack, you slay me!

You know, we inherited/borrowed the term 'pokey'....

Mighty Mom said...

I keep telling you how smart that kid is! Amazing sequential memory (remembering all the essential steps) and initiative. He is thoughtful... and scary. Never underestimate that kid.

Sheila said...

Oh - that is just too FUNNY!!!! I can see little J's earnest face and your look of completee shock... Bless him!