Monday, 9 March 2009

Writers and Raclette

Someone once said "There are two kinds of writer: those that make you think, and those that make you wonder". Both sorts gathered last Friday night to bid farewell to one of our best as she prepares to fly across the pond in 2 short weeks.

Our small writers group, splintered from the larger Geneva Writers Group gathers twice a month to lend support to one another, to workshop our efforts, and to learn to be better writers by learning from each other in a collegial, respectful and safe environment. I was one of the last to join our group and aspire to be half as good as them.

It was a an awfully fun evening, replete with a classic Swiss meal of an apero, followed by Raclette, white wine, and much laughter before finally getting down to the business of workshopping chapters from 3 novels in the making.

We band of women united in our love of the written word and storytelling, are also reflective of the international character of Geneva. Together, we represent America, Bosnia, Canada, England, India, and Scotland. We articulate ideas, customs, and cultural ethnology from our native lands and in the process educate and enlighten one another - amazing! Remind me again, Sher, what's a biro?


Jawahara said...

Well said, C. It was a truly wonderful evening.

Chantal said...

Sounds great. Would love to find a similar writer's group in Zurich. Anyone?