Sunday, 15 March 2009

Missing the Mightys

It's down to 13 days now before the Mightys leave Geneva for their new posting in the U.S. (not that we're counting). We hosted a small dinner party for them last night with the usual Canadian contingent that was full of our typical laughs and conversation but tinged a little nostalgic at the same time. The kids all had a ball and were outside playing until 11:00pm taking full advantage of the first real Spring-like day and evening in Geneva.

The six of us (plus kids) have done a lot of playing together in the last 3 years. It began when we took our littlest ones to KinderMusic in Cologny and since then we've snowskiied, waterskiied, shared Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the occasional holiday, lifted many a glass, and shared many meals together. We have been a family of friends united in having real family far away.

There is something else, though, that has glued we Canadian expatriates together while living in this lovely but foreign land; a sense of familiarity and common ground. We six seem to have lived similar experiences. Who else but other Montrealers could nod knowingly when referencing The Peel Pub, Café Santropol , McGill's Curry Gym, Durocher street, and Crescent Street.
Now, we have built new common reference points from our collective experience in Geneva- the Mont Blanc bridge, the Mont Blanc tunnel, la Bise wind, the Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix, skiing the Alps, crêpes in Yvoire, church bells, the smells of lavender and rosemary, carousels, and Sunday markets. Take them with you, Mightys, and don't forget us. We'll miss you at the table!


Mighty Mom said...

Thanks a million for last night. We had a wonderful time. Friends like you make it REALLY hard to move on.

DL NELSON said...

I have what I call a baked bean and cassoulet friend...someone who grew up in Massachusetts (baked beans) yet lived year in France (cassoulet) and understands both parts of my life. I've friends from the states that don't understand my life and friends here that don't understand my earlier life. It's nice to have a friend I can yell PANTY HOSE and they can say Jess Cain and no more need be said while we toast and meet each others eyes over a fondue.

Sheila said...

Wonderful photo and wonderful synopsis...I totally identify with the need for familiarity and history from time to time. You have been very fortunate to have found Canadian people in Switzerland, who you can call great friends.