Thursday, 29 October 2009

Lost in Translation

Today's lunchtime conversation between J and his friend Olivia, in between giggles, burps and other bodily noises that they find so hysterical during a meal...

J: "J'ai envie de jouer avec ma copine Ciel"
(I want to play with my friend Ciel)

Olivia: "Ciel?"

Me, half-listening while half-heartedly tuning out above-mentioned bodily noises:
"C'est une nouvelle copine a l'ecole?"
(Is that a new friend at school?)

J: "Non Maman, CIEL!"

Olivia: "Ciel?"

Me: "who???"

J: "MUMMMMMYYYYY, Skye, Skye, Skye"

Me: "Ah"


Jawahara said...

:-) Jack cracks me up.

Sheila said... CUTE! Tell Jack that Ciel would love to play with him too!

Mighty Mom said...

Oh, my goodness! That is incredibly sweet. My kids NEVER make those mistakes anymore. Count your blessings!

sista said...

I knew exactly what he meant MUMMY!
too sweet....SO Jack.