Thursday, 5 November 2009

Where Is Tim Horton's When You Need One?

I spent 2 cold, soggy hours sipping tiny, tepid cups of espresso standing in icy rain watching J play in his first tournoi de foot (soccer) yesterday. It could have been the same as watching my eldest nephew Justin, currently competing for the national university football (soccer) title in Toronto but it wasn't. It could have been the same as watching my niece Renee, a former elite national level Ringuette player, but it wasn't. Or it could have been the same as watching my 15-year nephew Jordan play football (soccer) with fire in his belly, but again it wasn't.

You see J is something of a sports mystery to me. From infancy, he was climbing like a orangutan up anything scalable. "Oh what an athlete he's going to be" everyone proclaimed. He could cross monkeybars with ease by age 2, and was riding a 2-wheeler by 3. He loves mountain-biking, mountain-climbing, and skiing, and is really good at all of them. He dislikes baseball, detests hockey school, and spends the last hour of football training yelling at me from across the field "Is it over yet?" When I told him at the beginning of the year to pick a team sport for the winter, he suggested tennis. See the pattern??? A team player clearly he is not.

I wasn't much of a team player myself, even now I prefer running with my iPod than a friend. Neither was C2, he ignores friends at the gym, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. But still, when I look at the brotherhood of friends Justin has built from his early days playing with his Foothills soccer club in Calgary, I lament that J may not have that. Even much of the strong and loyal social network that my brother and sister-in-law enjoy was birthed from the shared experience of watching their children compete in team sports. Not that I lack friends or social networking, far from it but you get my point.

I will encourage J to find his passions in life and will enthusiastically support them no matter what they are. Still, is it wrong to secretly want J to have a tattoo over his heart pledging brotherhood forever like Jus's?

So, yesterday's tournoi was comprised of 6 teams playing 4 mini matches. J was fully engaged for the first two. By the fourth, he was picking up leaves and playing pretend sword fights. Sigh.
My life as a Tim Horton's commercial isn't looking promising.


Jen said...

Ah yes....I suspect Nate may turn out the same but I suppose it is a bit early for such presumptions. It could be a phase; Jeff was in team sports for a long time and is now banned from them (by me) and does much better solo.

My suggestion? Let him do the solo sports he likes, but insist on doing team sports as well as the social skills he will develop by doing so are so very you well know :)

Sorry about the lack of Timmies...but you know the grass is always greener on the other side of the soccer field :)

sista said...

Laughed out loud MANY times at this posting.. Too funny Kik.
Remember that the tattooed soccer wonder started his soccer career at the tender age of 5 picking daisies and hugging the opposing team players.
His father was so upset, that in the car on the way home, he (The father) looked over at me and said, (SERIOUSLY) "Marge, I think he's gay!"
Don't give up, fire in the belly comes on its own time........

Sheila said...

Oh yes - I laughed out loud too! I could just hear J shouting to you from the pitch "Is it over yet?" Too funny! I equally laughed at the Sista's comment - such a man's statement!!! Anyway, I think I have told you what my son does on the football field most of the time when he isn't going for the ball - he stands and holds onto his wilie! (Let's hope he doesn't read this, huh?)

cathy Strasser said...

I so much enjoy reading all your blogs .Each day I log on to see if there is something new to read about.Who knew you would be such a gifted writer.Please keep it up .

As far as the soccer game goes i can sympathize .I remember being out in the soccer field with Justin ,every child was running and kicking the ball and my Justin was spending his time picking daisy's,I guess Justin and Jack have some personalty traits in common .Although I was enjoying my Tim Horton Iced cap.LOL