Friday, 13 November 2009

My Brother, the Superhero

Today's posting is in honour of my big brother who celebrated his 40-ahem-something birthday this week. He is one of my heros, having served honourably for 25 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in addition to leading Calgary's ERT force for many years. He's also just an all-round wonderful person who has managed to stay happily married for 27 years, raise 3 terrific children into near adulthood and is always there whenever I need him.

It's nice to see that J feels the same way. Today while walking to school:

J: You know Uncle Phil is like a superhero!

Me: Yes, he's a pretty great guy, why do you think so?

J: He made his hair invisible.

Love you bro!


Jawahara Saidullah said...

Lol Jack.

This posting was near perfect. What a great brother...and what a great sister *he* has to appreciate him so. And, of course, a witty and funny nephew. Awesome!

sista said...

My Lord I LOVE THAT CHILD!!!!!!!
This is one of the cutest things I have ever heard, it will definetely go down in TAWTEL family history to be told and re-told over the generations!
I cannot wait to see the world thru his eyes again.
Hurry up and get here already!!!

Jen said...

Oh thank you for that giggle! I read the title of this blog post and I was imagining your bro rescuing someone or doing something heroic :) Not that he couldn't, because I know he could, but.....

Oh Jack :)

Anonymous said...

Great post Christine! Your son clearly has your keen perception.