Sunday, 18 July 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

When does the subtle childhood shift happen, at what uncertain point in time does the magic emit a little less light.  On what inevitable future day does real life trump imagination?  I don't know but I  long to hold on to the innocence and delight of participating in an evening birthday party for one of J's favorite tou-tou's (stuffed animals), Schnitzel, the Saint-Bernard. 

Schnitzel apparently just turned seven, even though he only arrived four years ago.  An interesting coincidence that J is also seven.  I noticed in this picture that J's beloved Little Murphy seems eager for cake.  Real Murphy's also looks like she might be tempted too.   We sang 'Happy Birthday' in English, French, and Italian.  J helped Schniz blow out the candles.

It was a tou-tou free-for-all for lemon cake with lemon glaze.  No chocolate chips, J instructed during the baking process, since chocolate is not good for dogs.  Dogs tussled with cats while koalas, pandas, panthers and giraffes jockeyed for position.

What's a birthday party without gifts??  Lucky Schnitzel received among other things, a roll of toilet paper, 4 dog cookies, an empty Lego container, a travel toothbrush (J informs me that he has dog breath), a sponge J used to clean my bathtub after he took a bath with my mascara a few days ago, and a small Panda bear.


Mighty Mom said...

I'm so glad Jack still loves his soft toys. We have frequent 'birthdays' around here as the girls have marked the calendars for every last animals' big day. It's a wonder they remember mine! Toilet paper seems to be a popular gift. Last week, the girls created a birthday cake out of one, decorating the outside with stickers and sticking cellophane topped toothpicks into the top as makeshift candles. May innocence reign on!

Jawahara Saidullah said...

Awww! This made me smile *and* tear up and not just because it's PMS time. Just lovely, C.