Monday, 5 July 2010

Promotion in Puplinge 2010

 It's hard to believe but this is the 5th time that we've experienced Promotion in our village of Puplinge.  From 2 years of pre-school through 1ere and 2ieme Enfantine and now 1ere Primaire (1st grade), scary!  I think that with the exception of Christmas morning, Promotion is J's most anticipated day of the year.
Adam and J, best mates, on their way to the parade rendez-vous

Promotion is a really unique event, and something yet undiscovered in North America.  The entire village, where almost everyone knows everyone, celebrates the end of another school year, the efforts of our children and their parents.  We let loose with a heck of a party complete with carnival,  dinner, free-flowing wine (from the local Chateau, of course), and a live band with dancing.

The village sapeurs-pompiers lead the way
 The kids are incredibly proud to participate in the parade, and take it all very seriously.  The parade, though, is just a precursor to the 2 hours of free carnival rides upon arrival back at the main celebration site.  
J follows his 1ere primaire class in the parade through the village streets

Jawahara, Bijoy and I "enjoying" an apero of green barbapapa
Now that J is seven, he disappears with his mates within the Promotion grounds until around midnight.  He checks in every once in a while when he's hungry or needs money for rides and games.  Could you imagine that happening in North America...I think not!

J on the monster bouncy slide

All of this freedom allows us parents to chill out, visit, drink some wine, and discuss summer plans.  While we are friendly with many of the Swiss families in our village, we tended to visit mostly with the expat community in our village made up of Canadians, Americans, South Africans, and Scandinavians. I guess, it's always slightly easier to make merry in your own language.

Dinner under the tent
It was a very hot afternoon and evening with temperatures topping 30c, but the kids didn't seem to mind.  They sprinted between bumper cars, the bouncy slide, the mini roller coaster, the games stands, and the dance floor.

Adam and J mesmerized in their quest for plastic toys at the carnival

 By midnight, a little too much fun was being had on the dancefloor by me and Cindy


Jen said...

Please send him our congrats :)

Jawahara Saidullah said...

Great write-up C. This made me relive this (our second and last?) promotion just a little bit. Awesome!

Sheila said...

How fun and very Swiss! Terribly envious but I mean that in the nicest possible way. Sx

M said...

Grade 1, already, and a GRADUATE no less. Looked wonderful. Give our Jack our congrats for another year well done! Miss you guys like crazy.......m