Friday, 10 December 2010

Everyone's a Critic

It was the end of a busy Thursday.  C2 and I had spent the day at our house helping the movers identify, inventory and pack all our wordly possessions, manage our freaked-out dog, and move 9 suitcases plus groceries to our temporary Geneva apartment.  J had a full-day of school, Judo including a test to move up on his belt, and a 7:00pm public piano recital.

At 8:30, we hauled our tired selves to Da Paolo's for a meal.  J was so tired, he almost fell asleep in his plate.  Driving the short distance home after eating, the following conversation took place as we passed a 'happening' Geneva nightclub.

J:   "Mummy" what is the V-e-l-v-e-t   N-i-g-h-t   C-l-u-b

Me: "A nightclub is where people in their 20s and sometimes older go to have a few drinks, meet new people, have a good time, dance a lot and then hopefully make a new girlfriend or boyfriend".


J: "Mummy, you must have been a better dancer back then."

For the record, I dance like nobody is watching.  Guess it was a good thing my first date with C2 was for coffee.


Jen said...

OMG! Out of the mouths of babes!!! FWIW, I would go out to a club and dance with you ANYTIME :)


ps How is Murph?

Mighty Mom said...

He's amazing! I really miss that kiddo! It makes me think of a certain Seinfeld episode. Hee, hee!

Sheila said...

How dare he say that - you dance like I do!!!! kids laugh at my dancing too. Sx