Sunday, 19 December 2010

Another Christmas Another Cancellation

Global warming, global shwarming bah!  It has been an INSANELY emotional week of tear-filled goodbyes, farewells, stay-in-touches, and we'll miss yous.  Leaving Murphy with Marc and Nat was wrenching and I feel like I left a part of myself behind.

I have been frantically watching weather forecasts all week with one eye on anticipated heavy snow all over Europe.  We have been down this road before with cancelled Christmas plans thanks to snow and I was not eager to repeat the experience particularly since this will be a unique holiday as we head directly to Australia in early January to begin the next chaper of our lives.

Sure enough on Friday, Geneva airport closed for snow, Saturday, Heathrow airport closed for snow and British Airways subsequently cancelled our Sunday flights to Vancouver.  After spending hours on hold with agents to rebook our flights along with thousands of others, we are going nowhere until Tuesday morning on KLM through Amsterdam and even then must overnight in Calgary.  Maybe that will be a slight silver lining since we can spend the night with our great friends Jeff and Jen.

Oh but with more snow in the forecast, C2 is ready to bail and head straight to Bali.


Jen said...

I can understand the desire to head to Bali.....sigh...but I would imagine M and a few others would hunt him down for that one :) SOOO soo sorry you guys are going through this yet again, but the silverlining visit to Calgary is a definite bright spot for us at least. Hugs!

Sheila said...

I got your text that said that you were in Amsterdam and then nothing more - where are you??? X