Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A New Year and A New Start

Well, didn't mean to leave you all hanging since my last post.  We did, in the end, make it to Victoria after a three-day delay and via Amsterdam instead of London.  For the last two weeks, we have been heavily immersed in family time, Christmas time, New Year's Eve time, and intense down time and it has been wonderful and rejuvenating, and refueling, and happy.

C2 leaves for the U.S. tomorrow on a somewhat unexpected 10-day sojourn to the mothership.  Not the greatest of timing as we were hoping to leave for Australia in a couple of days but, in the spirit of silver linings, it's all good to hang with the family for an additional couple of weeks.

There has been much letting down of hair, letting loose of anxieties, and letting go of old attachments.   I find that I have hid myself in the embrace of my family's love, breathing in their support, and temporarily removing myself from the minutia of detail that has been our existence for the last three months.  It is Monday night, newly into 2011, and time to re-engage the detail, remind myself whom I have left behind and of what is yet in front of me.

 I have been dreaming about missed buses, missed trains, missed cabs and missed flights, all of which I guess relates to my anxieties over the very protracted and emotional exit of our old life and the start of our new one.   Still, Victoria has been a profoundly satisfying limbo, where I can mourn the old, celebrate the now, and anticipate the new.


Mighty Mom said...

So great to know you are in good hands and on relatively secure footing, at least for the time being. Can't wait to see C2 on Sunday!

Jen said...

Great photos C, and great description of what you are going through. I think that Victoria has been the perfect intermediary between your old life in Geneva and your new one to come, and I am oh so glad that you were able to be there! Hugs!

DL NELSON said...

Having met your Mom, I know that love will be with you no matter where you are...and remember that someday when you leave Australia you will have the memories of the days to come...
SO go and build another stage of your life.