Friday, 14 January 2011

Next Chapter

It's Friday morning, C2 returns tonight from his trip to the U.S.  The weather looks ok so not anticipating our usual weather delays.  We have the weekend in Victoria with Phil, Marge, and my mum; and then C2, J, and I embark on our next chapter.

There is much to do in the coming days, we depart for Melbourne January 17, arrive on January 19, must collect keys from the house agent and open our new house.  Feels a little odd since we only actually visited this house for about 10 minutes and largely forget what it looks like.  Is there a downstairs bathroom?  Is there an upstairs shower?  How big was the garage?  We've got to get bank accounts opened, money transferred, two cars and GPSs purchased, and figure out how to get around on the dang wrong side of the road.

This is the only part of relocating that I am not particularly fond of.  The figuring out of new services, finding the nearest grocery store, feeling like the only one in the city perpetually lost, and perhaps most profoundly, feeling like a visitor waiting to go home.  I remember from our relocation to Geneva that most of this uncertainty passes in a couple of months as familiarity settles in.  Just kinda wish I could fast forward to that part.

I am also trying to be very zen about Murphy's pending journey.  She is scheduled to ship in early February out of Geneva to Zurich then to Amsterdam where she will overnight before transferring to Malaysian Airways to Kuala Lumpur, changing planes, and carrying on to Melbourne.  She will be met by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service upon arrival and driven to the quarantine facility for a 30-day stay.  She is a healthy 12-year old Labrador but still a 12-year old dog.

I expect a minor miracle if she survives the journey with her health and complex documentation intact.  I would expect a second minor miracle if she survives the quarantine.  I fret about her distress and feeling of abandonment.  This is a dog used to sleeping in our bed and receiving much love and attention.  My heart gets stuck in my throat every time I think too much about her.  I am trying very hard to acknowledge that between myself,  Nathalie (who has her in Geneva right now), our wonderful Genevois vet, and our Melbourne-based pet relocation agent, we have dotted every "I", crossed every "T" and done everything in our power to ensure her a safe experience.  She will soon be in other, and I hope, equally compassionate hands.


Jen said...

I would imagine that the anticipation is starting to build and you may be getting to that point where you just want your flight over and done with...wishing you safe and easy travels, and will send lots of good vibes to Murph when she begins her journey to join you.

Mighty Mom said...

Yup, I remember this part. Landing in Geneva. Not knowing what a pay phone looked like. Not knowing how to dial a phone number. Not knowing how to get to our apartment. It WILL get better, so much better. I won't be surprised if, when it comes time to leave Oz you'll be almost distressed as you are now. Have faith in the open window. From the moment Murphy is back with you again it will be as if you never were apart. When Honey finally joined us in Geneva, she had a strange penchant for toast (Kirk's grandmother had a nasty habit of sharing). Murphy may have a craving for jasmine rice. You never know.
She will survive better than you think.
Big, big hugs and CALL ME!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris:
This is the first time I am contacting you in this manner!! As I have been reliving your experience these past few weeks I do want to wish you God speed and a smooth transition to Melbourne.
I am sure Murphy will be well cared for.
Take care and my prayers are with all of you.
Love Audrey

Sheila said...

By the time you read this your journey will be over with and new challenges ahead of you. You'll do fine - better than fine. You've already got a good network in Melbourne - how great is that! Love and kisses and positive thoughts to you all and Murphy. She is going to be such a well travelled doggie! Sx

Anonymous said...

You'll be reading this in OZ! I hope your journey went well and that Murphy's goes well too. I can imagine how stressful it all is.