Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Happenings

In the Family Hendricks, we look for reasons to mark an occasion.  Really any will do.  Dog's birthday, stuffed dog's birthday, Valentine's Day, 1/2 Birthdays, you imagine it, we will celebrate it.  But few, with the exception of Christmas and Hallowe'en are marked with as much joy for J as Easter.  Sorry foks, it ain't about the holiest day in the Christian calendar.  Chez nous, we worship at the altar of the Bunny and all things pastel and Easter-like.

There have to be Bunny-shaped pancakes, cupcakes wrapped in pretty green paper, the Easter tree, the ubiquitous chocolate egg hunt, and about a hundred pre-school decorations with wilting bunny ears, oddly shaped egg cutouts, and window-mounted paper baskets shot with shiny paper through which the sun twinkles magically.

This year, our first in Australia, a chocolate Bunny shared our mantle with a chocolate Bilby, a chocolate Koala, a chocolate Wombat and a Canadian Inukshuk; a little cultural melting, I mean melding.

This year was also the first that J posed the question "is there really an Easter Bunny or do you and Daddy hide the eggs?".  Well I am not yet ready to burst that bubble, so we protested madly and for the moment are still riding the Bunny trail.  However, J did ask us to hide our own eggs for him which were clearly unique so that he could identify just how clever the Easter Bunny is.

It helped that while stashing chocolate in our tiny back garden, unbeknownst us us, C2 trecked possum poop into the house.  On Easter morning J was convinced that the Easter Bunny had relieved himself by our back door.

For a holiday project, J planted a Thyme garden with five different types of fragrant and flowering Thyme.  He will make sure they have proper water levels and sunshine in the days to come.  Together with the memories I hope we have made for him, J's garden is something to last a little longer when all the chocolate has been eaten and all the decorations carefully stored away for another year.

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Elizabeth said...

It all sounds perfect -- and I love that J continues to "believe." When my boys ask about the Bunny and Santa Claus, for that matter (and they're nine and twelve years old), I usually exclaim that I definitely believe and that I'd never tell otherwise! They then laugh and I know they WANT to believe...