Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Just for Laughs

Spent the day in town today on day two of the April school holidays.  J and I wiled away some time in a bookshop, eating cupcakes, and exploring downtown Melbourne.  On the way back to catch our tram, we stopped in Federation Square to wander around the Melbourne Comedy Festival grounds and experience a really funny maze.

Then I spotted this.  Kinda made real just how far Australia is from everything I used to call home.


Elisabeth said...

A long way from your home, but very close to mine.

I love signposts like these . They recognise far flung places and give us a better perspective.

Jen said...

an awfully long ways but yet somehow the mere presence of a sign to Montreal makes the world just a little bit smaller. Glad you had a wonderful day :)

Elizabeth said...

Really? For real? That's awesome --

Melissa Miller said...

Just for laughs! Ah, to live in a town big enough for something like that. Enjoy your break!