Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Random Thursday Evening

It's Thursday evening around 9:30,  I am half-watching a French film on SBS, am pointedly ignoring the stack of laundry beside me begging to be folded, and hoping that the black cherry candle I just lit will mask the smell of fried fish left over from our fish tacos tonight.

Jus and Chelsea are sleeping after working a long day, J is sleeping after an evening playing Nintendo with Jus, Murphy is snoring after a long play in Central Park keeping her tennis ball safe from a group of Labrador puppies. 

C2, as he has been often of late, is in Perth.

We've all been on a slightly new schedule of late.  Jus and Chelsea are now working.  I work Mondays and Wednesdays, and Chelsea and I have committed to an AMAZING yoga class on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.  We're doing Ashtanga yoga which has been helping with a chronic lower back problem that has been plaguing me.

Making those 7:00pm classes though means sprinting home after the school run to prepare dinner, complete homework, and get the kitchen cleaned before our 6:40 sprint out the door.  J is loving his alone time with Jus; it's a frantic win-win!

My exercise regimen has been impacted by this nagging back issue in that I've had to take a sabbatical from running...and just when I bought my new bright pink Adidas.  Unfortunately, those extra  5-10kgs I've been carrying around for 18 months, since I first discovered Tim Tams, aren't going to lose themselves.  So...Justin has put together a program for Chelsea and I that involves yoga, swimming, and some viciously mean circuit training.  That's all ok but he's also dictated that we must drink 2 litres of water a day, eat at least 8 vegetables a day, and cannot eat a morsel after 8:00pm.  NOT A CRUMB!!

I've been finding myself desperately hunting public loos for the last week, and finding that by 8:01pm, I'm starving....    He might be on to something though, I'm down almost 2kgs in the first week.  I haven't seen the arrow move in that direction in quite a while.

It's now 10:28, Justin, Chelsea, and J are still sleeping.  The French film is still droning on, but I've lost the plot, Murphy is now staring at me, waiting for her last walk and bedtime meal.  Me?  I'm starving!   How was your evening?


Jen said...

I'm so glad that you are getting into a healthy routine. I can vouch for ashtanga as it helped me a lot in the past, although I will caution you that it became hard on my wrists.

My evening? Ok, you asked :) Rush home from work, pick up the kids. Throw together all my leftovers and quinoa and spices into something new that the kids would like. Mow the lawns while overseeing the kids playing with the neighbours. Get said tired kids through their bedtime snack, teeth brushed and into bed. Cleaned up the kitchen and went to laze in bed next to J who is reading the biography of Motley Crew. Joined by Nate who couldn't sleep. Lights off at 10 thanks to a splitting headache, up at 5:30am.

Debs H said...

Wow I like the exercise regime! I've realized that my middle age spread is starting to settle comfortably on my middle so have vowed to get running again... Back to the beginning... As me and my running partner ask on a regular basis "when do we start eating like grown ups rather than kids in a candy store on a binge?". When does that enlightenment happen? I mean I'm only 40 you would think I would get it some time soon!
It's good to read your post as always and fun to see we are in the same mindset.
Jen its interesting what you said about yoga and sore wrists,I thought it was just old age!
Sorry this is a choppy reply I've used my iPhone and it's a pain to correct the text etc....

Elizabeth said...

Hi, there! Thanks for your message on my blog! I was born in 1963, so I turned 49 this year and will be 50 in 2013. I think you saw the date on the photo that I posted which was my first birthday in 1964. You're still younger than moi!