Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Father's Day Down Under

The weather is getting warmer - check
Trees are popping and flowers are blooming - ok check
September 1 is the first day of Spring - uh ok check
September 2 is Father's Day - uh seriously??

Yes it's been a balmy warm early September down under.  I am seriously disoriented;  it feels like Indian summer but for the scent of jasmine, Australian wallflowers, and daffodils most definitely heralding Spring.

Adding to my disorientation is the Australian custom of celebrating Father's Day in September.  Quaint, cute but most definitely curious!

We started our day by expecting C2 to make his usual Sunday breakfast: Lemon ricotta pancakes, chicken sausages, bacon, and fruit salad.  He did so with good humour.  He accepted J's gift of a "Daddy's Only" beer carrier filled with Belgian Leffe beer with good manners.  We told him he could do anything he wanted with his day but then told him that no, he couldn't go mountain biking, he was coming beach walking with us.  He accepted that news with less than good humour or manners but beach walking we went.

It was a warm sunny day and after a hurried kitchen clean-up, we drove about 30 minutes south along Port Phillip Bay to Bon Beach.  We walked, we ambled, we played, we rough-housed, we attempted handstands, we threw sticks for Murphy, and we collected shells. 


After that we were hungry.  We're hungry a lot in this house.  At C2s request, we drove a further 30 minutes south to the town of Mornington at the top of Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula to one of our favorite spots, D.O.C. Mornington, home of the best pizza in Melbourne!  It was close to 3:00pm by the time we got there, so we only had to wait about 10 minutes for a table....it's always busy at D.O.C.

We rolled out of D.O.C. and down to Mornington's beach for another amble in the fading afternoon light.

We returned home around dinner time, poured a glass of wine and decided we were all hungry again.  Dinner was fit for the King that C2 is:  Seared tuna teriyaki with a paw paw, melon, avocado salsa, and wilted spinach.  I hope it made up for the lack of mountain biking.


Elizabeth said...

Wow! You're living on another planet! Those photos are spectacular, particularly the last one!

Jen said...

I hope you made more than a little wilted spinach :)

Sounds like a lovely day for a King (don't let it go to your head C2 :) )

Love J

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