Thursday, 13 September 2012

The iHouse

It seems to be symbolic of the times in which we live that the Australian Family Hendricks household is surrounded by all things i.   Every meal, we push to one side various MacBooks,  iPhones, iPods, iPads, iPhone chargers, iPad chargers, MacBook chargers, iTimemachines, and even an iMouse. All of our film watching is rented or purchased from iTunes and streamed through our Apple TV.   The majority of the music we listen to all day is streamed from Pandora to our iPod on our Bose iPod docking station. 

Geez with all of this itechnology, i need an iraise at my ijob.   In spite of C2s initial reluctance with the proprietary nature of the Apple O/S, clearly resistance has been futile;  we have drunk the kool-aid!

Within our household's iWorld, i have observed something which i am coining "igenerational".

The 40-ahem-somethings and the 20-somethings both have a MacBook

The 40-ahem-somethings each have an iPad and and iPod, neither of the 20-somethings do

The 20-somethings each have an iPhone,  neither of the 40-ahem-somethings do


Here is my theory:

The 40-ahem-somethings use their iPods whilst exercising in our valiant attempts to ward off the evil effects of aging.  We also use cool apps on our iPods like Pandora so we can listen nostalgically to 80s music (we love us some Depeche Mode and Erasure) whilst reading the daily newspaper on our iPads.  This segues nicely into how we 40-ahem-somethings use our iPads to access digital newspapers and magazine apps like The Atlantic and The Huffington Post.  Also, we use iBooks on our iPads to read books on airplanes and in doctor's offices.  Are you noting the lack of gaming on our devices?  Are you with me so far?

We 40-ahem-somethings use our smart phones (Blackberries in our case) to call, and fast text message things like "pick up milk", "landed safely",  and "Skype tonight?".  In my case, I also occasionally check in on Facebook.  The screens are too small and I'm too paranoid about data charges to do much else with it.  Are you still noting the lack of gaming so far?

The 20-somethings, on the other  hand, listen to music on their iPhones whilst sporting gigantic headphones to walk to the tram.  While on the tram, rather than stare out the window and marvel at the world going by, they  play game apps on their iPhones and become immersed in the world of Brain Trainer, Logos Quiz, Temple Run, and Astro Runners.  They also do this while waiting in line at the grocery store, the bank, before the movie starts, or in bed waiting to fall asleep.

Their iPhone text messages tend toward long threads of meaningful conversation with each other; things like "What do you want to do tonight?" "I don't know I'm kind of tired, how about a movie?  How's work going" "Pretty good, I've made a few sales,  I had a meeting with my supervisor and he seems happy with my performance so far.  I don't know about a movie, it's Wednesday and not cheap night" "Glad work's going well, by the way, the mall is open for a special event until midnight tonight, so I think after yoga, I'll go there and see what kind of deals I can get""Oh great idea, why don't you and Auntie Kiki go and I'll watch J, maybe we can go get some Laksa tomorrow night""Awesome, ok, see you when I get back, have a good rest of the day, love you".

It's an interesting anthropological istudy, don't you think? Any opinions?


Elizabeth said...

It IS interesting, and sometimes I get a bit panicky about how little I know of this technology. Even seeing my boxes of CDs lined up in a cabinet makes me crazy because I know I should have everything "downloaded."

Laura Wright said...

I don't own an iAnything because iAmBroke. I use a laptop and a phone that is plugged into the wall -- how extremely archaic. ;-)

Sheila Cook said...

I was absolutely exhausted after reading that iBlog! I was very impressed with the 40 -ahem-something year olds, though!!! Clearly having the 20-somethings in your life is an interesting study in Sociocultural anthropology!

Jen said...

you guys are waaayyy more techy than we are! However, I think we may get the iPad, being 40-ahem somethings....

Unlike you, I do play a game on my BB whilst riding the train into work; its a word game, I use it to try to keep my 40-ahem something brain tuned up :)

Still wish we had Pandora, and while I like reading the news online, I've absolutely no desire to read books on any sort of electronic device so I am still a purist in some aspects.

Cali keeps asking for an iPod, and loves listening to Lady Gaga on J's!