Thursday, 21 March 2013

Amuse-bouche: One Week Later

The little fella is doing well...considering he's been stranded in my back courtyard exposed to the elements of an early Australian autumn for a week now.  Not that those elements are particularly harsh, but we do have a plethora of possums at night.  I am assuming Amuse-bouche spends his nights hidden in one of the box hedges.

He's been working on his fluttering and just today I saw him FLY a short distance from a flower pot to the stool where I've been putting his bread to encourage him to flap those wings.  Yay Amuse-bouche!  That was a big improvement from yesterday when he jumped (I had it closer to the flower pot), and promptly fell off in a heap.

His mother visits regularly and has been trying to demonstrate to her stubborn little chick what his wings are for, as evidenced in the below image.  She's a good mum but he doesn't seem overly inspired. 

Ever since I began putting seed out a few days ago, the rest of the family comes-a-calling too.  Maybe their strategy is to eat all of his food to convince him to hunt?  Or maybe they're just being birds and are not opposed to a little free seed and to heck with him.

I look forward to seeing the little guy every morning when I come downstairs.  Now I feed my dog, who is spinning in circles impatiently, waiting for breakfast then I cut up bread and watermelon for Amuse-bouche who is always hopping about impatiently waiting for his, sheesh!

We are leaving on holiday in two weeks.  I hope Amuse-bouche has figured out flight by then, otherwise, I'm going to have to pay my dog-sitter extra.

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