Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Apple Didn't Fall Too Far From the Tree

My sport of choice as a kid and teenager was competitive swimming.  I was never going to be an Olympic hopeful by any stretch; but was passionate and lived and breathed it for many years.   I still love watching it at any level.

So I was surprised but delighted when J qualified for a district competition following his school's annual swim meet (or swimming carnival as say in Australia).  This past week, we watched him compete for his school in the boys 9/10 freestyle relay.  He was excited, proud, and full of team spirit.  He faded a tad toward the end of his 50m race but gave it everything he had!

Well done J!

Video 2013-03-10 01.06.46 PM from Christine Hendricks on Vimeo.


Jen said...

Go you little fish!

Melissa Miller said...

How fun! Evelyn has her first practice track meet this afternoon and her first official one next Wednesday. I expect I'll be just as enthusiastic for her. Go, Jack!

Sheila Cook said...

Oh what a joy form me to literally see your boy swim. I bet you were bursting with pride! Ah, I can see your boy on the swim team at Westpark Pool and sunbathing on Malibu Beach right now (you might want to explain that one to J). Well done, J!