Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Monday Morning Run Through the Lens of my iPhone

On an early morning run today, I was distracted by the scent of wild freesia which has begun blooming during these late winter days in Perth.  The scent was so intoxicating that I decided to document some of the amazing flora in this part of Western Australia at this time of year teetering between winter and spring.  As a Canadian, I continue to be fascinated by the wide variety of Gums or Eucalyptus trees indigenous to this part of the world.

Wild Freesia

Looking down at the Swan River from the footpath

Fields of Freesia

Golden Wattle beginning to bloom

My view of the mighty Swan River

The path most definitely taken

The Scotch College boat shed where the rowers launch

A Ghost Gum

More from the boat shed

Just a pier

Tinnies tied up on the river foreshore

Peppermint Gums

Moreton Fig Tree
A Red Bottle Brush Gum

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