Sunday, 20 September 2015

Another Walk and Everlasting Daisies

It's been a full-on week, a quick 40-hour trip to Sydney with my mum to escort her part of the way home to Canada, followed by a full week of work. J is in all all-weekend tennis tournament while fighting a cold and squeezing in a community Amazing Race activity.  And C2 is winging is way to the USA for a fast 5 days,  In between we caught up with friends Friday and Saturday night, phew.

It's through these busy times that I am rejuvenated by solitary runs and walks (time for a new dog?) through this spectacular place that I now call home.  The following are a few more images of a moment of calm in the middle of a busy week.
A Balga or Grasstree
While their mistress was doing yoga on the jetty, these two Labradors were performing the very clever game of "don't move in case a fish swims by".  I sat on the edge of a tinnie for 15 minutes to see if they would move - they didn't!

This woman paddled by in her kayak with her dog running on the footpath beside the river, quite distressed.  The dog finally found a path down the steep river wall about half a kilometre ahead.

Where she joined her mistress and refused to return up the path, in spite of both or our efforts.  So there was only one thing to do...

Which was of course to load the intrasigent pooch into the Kayak and carry-on...

I carried on as well through a field of Everlasting Daisies which I believe are the state flower of Western Australia.

Everlastings AND Wattle in full bloom

What a color, right?
These are my mum's favorite Australia flower: the aptly dubbed "Kangaroo Paw" which is in riotous bloom at the moment.

A single rose growing spectacularly in my front garden
Find your place of peace.


Jen said...

Beautiful, C.

Melissa Miller said...

I can't believe I'm only reading this now! New dog yet?