Thursday, 28 February 2008

Good Friendship and Good Fortune

We got some great news a few months ago. Two of our oldest friends Marc and Nathalie were moving to Geneva with the Royal Bank of Canada. While living in Calgary, we passed many, many happy hours together walking our beloved retrievers, sharing long dinners, and playing cards. They are Murphy’s other family and the only dog-sitters she had ever known.

Nat is my super-stylish girlie-girlfriend. She’s the one I went clothes shopping with (she’d always tell me if my bum looked too big!), drank frozen bellinis with, and faithfully perused the annual In Style ‘100 Best Products of the Year’ with. In spite of her poise, she was (and is) as crude as a dockworker and made me laugh until I peed…her antics at Calgary’s El Sombrero restaurant remains the stuff of legend.

As native Montrealers, we also shared a similar history. We understood their pining for the Plateau Mont Royal, and they understood our affection for the Monkland Village. We all attended Concordia University at various times in our lives, and could all wax lyrically about les chiens chauds and poutine from La Belle Province.

When we moved to Geneva, leaving friends like Marc and Nat behind was wrenching. Our friendship, however, forged over years of shared experience and much mirth endured. We all had familiarity nurturing long-distance friendships.

Marc and Nat arrived in Geneva about a month ago, and the smile hasn’t left their faces (or ours) yet. From the pleasure of restaurants and shops welcoming separation-anxious Ben (did I mention their 100+ pound Labrador?), to their fabulous new apartment in Geneva’s old town, to our renewed long retriever rambles; their experience so far has been nothing short of fantastic.

Nat and I have lunch together every Thursday in a different part of Geneva and together we toast to good friendship and good fortune.


Jen said...

I was about to email and ask if they have arrived and how they like it! Big surprise that they are having fun! kisses to Ben!

Sher said...

I had no idea you had a friend from back home arriving. It must be cool and strange having her living this part of your life with you now.

Jawahara said...

You're really lucky to have a great friend from 'back home' moving to where you are. Very cool! Hope the poor seperation anxiety doggie settles down soon.