Saturday, 2 February 2008

Heaven is at 2002 meters

We just returned from a week's ski holiday at Les Gets in France with our friends, the Mxxxx's. With J having just figured out how to ski, we were hoping for a good week. We got an exceptionally great week!
Less than one month ago, J was still balking at snowplowing down the bunny runs. Yesterday I chased him down reds. (For you other North Americans, red runs are after the blues and before the blacks). Skiing as a family down long sugary runs in the mild air listening to J's whoops of joy was an incredible experience.

I remember a conversation with my best pal Sheila. While lamenting J's of enthusiasm for skiing, she said to me..."be patient, the day will come when you spend all your time skiing after him hollering to slow down and turn". I doubted ever seeing that day. Well, I did a whole lot of hollering yesterday.

J proudly earned his Flocon medal from the Ecole de Ski Francais and wore it like a hard-won badge of honour. Congratulations buddy, well-done!


Melissa said...

Way to go, Jack! Keep your mommy on her toes.
Mrs. Melissa

Jen said...

Jack, we are so proud of you! Do you think maybe you can teach Nate to ski?????

This time last year we were preparing to come out and visit and we miss it!