Friday, 15 February 2008

Mr. Clean or is that Monsieur Propre?

Scene: The cleaning products aisle of the grocery store.
Characters: 4-year old J who rarely accompanies 40-something mum to grocery store.

Jack wanders the aisle absently but face suddenly lights up when spies a familiar bottle...

J: "Look mummy, this promises to remove rust and limescale".

Mummy: confused look, mouth drops open

J carries on down the aisle, face lights up again when spots a familiar pink box...

J: "Look mummy, this will leave our washing crystal white".

Morale of the story - reduce number of hours of BBC viewed by 4-year old or pre-register him in marketing program of local university.


Melissa said...


Jawahara Saidullah said...

Well..he could also become a spokesmodel on TV. Who could resist a cutie-pie who speaks so eloquently about keeping your whites bright? :-)

Jen said...

Way to go Jack!