Monday, 11 May 2009


Well, it's done and I'm happy...happy it's over that is, to quote Cindy. Seriously, the half-marathon was a great experience and overall lots of fun. The morning dawned slightly overcast and cool with no wind - perfect! Cindy, Leigh-Anne and I took the tram to the start on the Quai Wilson as much of the downtown core was closed to traffic for the race. We met up with several other acquaintances and chatted to lower our nervous energy.

But at last the start gun fired and we thousands were off. It took a while to get through the start and to navigate the throng of runners and into a stride but eventually I did. The course wound down the Quai Wilson, across the Mont Blanc bridge, through downtown and then headed south into the Vernets area crossing the Arve river a couple of times. Eventually we wound our way back up the river toward the jet d'eau and followed the Quai Gustav Ador as far as the village of Cologny to the turn-around point which by then I was desperately seeking. The turn-around marked approximately 5K back to the finish.

I followed my plan pretty well and really only began hurting around the 16K mark. The 2-hour pace-setters were always in my line of sight but I didn't have anything left to give as I neared the finish. Those last 3K were the hardest I have ever run but run them I did and crossed the finished line exhausted but ecstatic.

So, I'm happy that I ran the race, proud of the accomplishment, pleased I achieved my goal time and now that it's over, bugged at myself for not breaking the 2-hour mark. Errgh, guess I know my next goal!

Leigh-Anne, Cindy and me post-race, post-shower, tired but toasting our accomplishment


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Sher said...

Hurray - good for you! For someone who had just ran two hours you were looking really good when I saw you.

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Mighty Mom said...

Way to go! I know what you mean about the last few kilometers. Hell, pure hell.

Sheila said...

I'm so proud of you! Well done!