Thursday, 28 May 2009

Not much Happening

I haven't posted lately as there hasn't been much happening of particular note. So here is a brief stream of consciousness with some goings-on.

There have been 5-year old behavioural shenanigans that I am attempting to deal with somedays more effectively than others. J is going through an argumentative stage where he debates every decision to death and adopts a defiant position seemingly for the rise it gets out of us. I'd like to think that our family thrives on the democractic principle of meritocracy but lately we've been teetering between banana republic and autocratic rule. I'm working on it and Mighty Mom's new blog 'Creative Parenting' is helping.

Otherwise, the weather in Geneva has been sensational. Last weekend, the temperatures never dipped below 30c though this week has been a far more tolerable 25c with brilliant sun. During my run today, I actually had to pause and drink in the spectacular views of fast-growing sunflower fields and sky-stretching cyprus trees in my foreground framed by crystal-clear Alps in the background. Roses are in perfumed full-bloom and it's not even the end of May yet.

We spent the afternoon and evening yesterday with my friends Lisa and Arthur and their kiddos whom I haven't seen in ages. It was really really good to catch up with them. And, you can't go wrong sitting around a table outside drinking champagne and eating barbeque. It was a good day.

My mum's 3-month visit with us is fast coming to a close - bummer! She returns to Canada a week from tomorrow. It's hard to believe how fast her visit with us went. On the up side, I just booked tickets for a quick 2-week trip to Calgary and Victoria for J and I. It will be good to visit Canada in the summer after the miserable weather we had last Christmas. J and I have a date to decorate my dad's memorial tree with Christmas decorations as it was too bloody cold to venture into Fish Creek Park last December.

Four weeks of school left, then school promotion and summer is officially upon us. Woo hoo! We're heading to our usual piece of heaven in Italy in July. This time we're bringing Marc and Nat with us. Shortly after, we plan to join Sheila and her gang for her birthday at their house in the south of France. A week after that J and I head to Canada.

So that's all that's new for the moment. Oh that and I finally ordered a Mac powerbook. I'm hoping that having a computer that isn't two long floors above the main part of the house will help me in my quest to find more time to devote to writing. Watch this space.


Mighty Mom said...

Ooo, a Mac convert is born! I'm so excited and will hold you to the more writing promise. Two weeks, no blog, shame on you! ; )))
Thanks for the plug, by the way. The Creative Parent is wallowing in oblivion at the moment. I'm not really concerned. It will eventually be what I want it to be.
Big hugs and hand in there with J. Brilliant kids can be the toughest. Just remember that Einstein's mom took him the doctor in complete exasperation, asking if he could be fixed.

Jawahara said...

Great post. I like the meandering nature of it. I'll raise a glass to your intention to write more. Hear hear!

Also, your mom can't leave yet. There's something wrong with your math. It has *not* been three months since she came.